Friday, September 30, 2011

New Feather Note Card~Then there were nine

A new notecard (feather and quote on outside~blank on the inside, a set of these would be an incredible holiday gift. If you buy four (and they can be any four) you receive a discounted price, otherwise they are $3.00 a piece. In my store~ travel through the portal  look under the section "notecards" and you will be able to see all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Employee Update at QuillnAros

Well, since the summer is ending and a new season is beginning~time to update pictures of my own feathered fiends and sometime contributors (since they lose one feather at a time, they don't contribute much!) They are my inspiration (among other things.)!
My Blue and Gold Quill~age unknown, best guess at least 35

Silvie, the African Grey~ she's a daddy's girl so I am really surprised she didn't take my nose off!
Silvie is at least 45 years old~I adopted her from a rescue

and this is Romeo~he's the youngest, noisiest and mischeivious. Most of the day he's stepping on my
keyboard or playing between my hard drive and keyboard!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spiry's Fab Eye Jewelry~ with marbled feathers!

I continue to show what artist's are creating with the marbled feathers. This time it is "eye jewelry" and it is fabulous! All I can say is that if I was still living in Manhattan or younger than I am, or going to the opera, or just walking through Washington Square Park, OMG, I would be so proud to wear these. What a fabulous idea from one of our own Etsians. Please visit this shop and see all her eye jewelry~ look closely because you have to see all the intricate detail that is involved.

Oh, and of course please note the marbled feathers.  Visit her shop at