Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parrot Feathers

I listed regular parrot feathers today-well along with my marbled parrot feathers.  Of course when I look at  cockatoo crest feathers I remember the first time I saw a cockatoo close up.

I started volunteering at a parrot rescue- and basically it was almost all cockatoos. The lessor sulphur crested cockatoo is very fast and honest to god, they can chase you down! I didn't realize that not all cockatoos are like the one in Baretta (and neither did all those people who went out and bought cockatoos because of that show). So of course, being completely ignorant~ I thought they were cuddly and affectionate. OMG!

 Thinking this, Fred- the terodactyl cockatoo- repelled off his cage (with no cleats) while I was cleaning the 60 other cages with some incredibly dedicated volunteers, and SPRUNG LIKE A POGO STICK toward my feet, and I thought-that's the cutest thing~ Fred must be wanting some be continued.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

QuillnAros Business Card & Utility Patent (cool)

Let's see if I can attach my new business card to my blog without making it 10 feet tall!
Well I guess this worked-didn't include the boundaries tho. But this is a good reminder that I am in two
places and -I think I am suppose to link this to something, but I will have to do more reading.

Also I received my APPLICATION PATENT NUMBER~I feel all grown up! (a pain in the butt-but who know what others do.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

and where did I just list those things? ARTFIRE! and there are also 50 items on ETSY!

New Feathers! Jewel Tones, Pastels, Small Fan Shapes!

I am ordering my paint colors today-can't believe I am almost at the bottom of my tower of feathers. I will be doing more metallics me thinks~ they are tricky and some colors just don't work but I am a patient person!

Romeo stayed in my t-shirt the whole time I was listing feathers- talk about unpredictable, he is such a little angel until I forget and have my left hand within his reach....yowwwww-SINISTER

I hear my crow outside so I have to hurry..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

green and red featherball

As I use this blog for showing you what I do I will be introducing my helpers one by one.
This is Romeo~he keeps me company when I am using the computer. He entertains himself by sitting in my lap and eating holes in my sweatpants in very inappropriate places. He also loves to crawl into the sleeve of my t-shirt and eats holes in the armpit. He is a rescue-noisy as hell, very cute and also has a hard bite. I have learned not to keep this little monster on my shoulder when I am talking to anybody!

And oops, I forgot to mention the little thing~ you can find my marbled feathers by going to and . I have over 100 listings of beautiful one of a kind hand marbled feathers- take a gander, you will be surprised.       EK

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feathers on Note Cards~Original Feather Art with Bird Quotation

First journey into the unknown. It's all unknown~to become known you only have to spend hours reading all the instructions..

Just finished another different use for my hand marbled parrot feathers. I've designed four notecards with selected feathers on front with quotes I find interesting. They are of course blank on the inside. I will test the waters in my two shops to see if anyone will be interested.  OMG, they are so big! Back to reading my instructions!