Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Original Note Card !

Now there are 7 notecards all together. If you order 4 there is a special price. It is in my shop under  listing for 4 original notecards. Just name the ones you want and they will be sent out. Here is the latest~

More Lovely Creations with Natural Parrot Feathers~and Resin!

The resins are the up and coming thing in many creative adventures. Looks like magic to me! Another beauty by  Check out all the beautiful items in her store.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holiday Card with Holiday Marbles!

New Holiday Card ~tell me what you think. I have created 5 other (every day occasion) cards that have marbled cockatoo feathers and a quotation on the front, blank on the inside. 

The cards sell for $2.50 for one and a discounted price when you buy a set of four $8.50 (any four~ your choice) This last session of marbling, I thought I would do a Christmas feather. I love them~they are, well
incredibly cheerful and full of sassss! The holiday card has a generic "Season's Greetings" so it can be used by all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holiday Marbled Parrot Feathers~Perfect Size for Feather Jewelry and Hair Decoration

These long and thin cockatoo wing feathers are the perfect size ( 3" to 6") for feather jewelry and hair accessories. The colors are festive for the winter holidays! I will be listing these this coming week.

check out my store @

Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Coupon Still on!!!


There will be coupons offered in the future after this one is expired. Sign up for my blog, visit my marbled feather store and have fun. 
These are swan feathers, visit the store and you will see my marbled cockatoo feathers and African Grey parrot feathers. You will be amazed. All painted feathers are colorfast! Visit

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marbling Handmade Paper~Girls Gotta Have Fun!

Anyone who has bought feathers from me knows I love to wrap them with my handmade paper. I was digging thru my papers and I found some rejects from 15 years ago. Rejects? I was experimenting with gelatin sizing because I wanted to be able to write with ink on my papers. What happened was that I didn't dilute the gelatin enough and the back side of the papers ended up looking like wax paper with a crinkling sound (love the sound of the paper!)

Needed to take a couple days break from the feathers, so I decided to marble the paper so I can use it as wrapping paper.

It turned out to be alot of fun~I ended up with beautiful marbled paper and it STILL crinkles. And I have a new supply of paper to wrap the marbled feathers in!

What artists are creating with marbled parrot feathers

Meet some of the artists who are creating lovely and imaginative items with the marbled feathers.These are from  Lemona @   Beauties!! In French, but the language of jewelry is universal!

and the next beautiful things~These are all cockatoo feathers.........

These have been created by  She has just opened her store on Etsy and has very lovely items (including the pieces she made with the marbled feathers!
Calling all artists!!!! Please send me photos of your pieces with the marbled feathers. I love showing them off.