Sunday, December 30, 2012

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

A friend of mine sent me this photograph of a peacock flying. I never knew that peacocks could fly. Unfortunately I don't know who took this photo~hopefully it is in public domain. This is so magnificent that it almost looks photoshopped. Perhaps this is the bird represented by the Phoenix rising.

It makes you think about nature's reason for making the bird this way. It certainly has nothing to do with survival of the fittist!
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

And This is the Extent of the Snow~Midwest Report

So instead of snow skiing (just kidding!) I will be listing 17 new set of feathers

New Au Naturale Parrot Feathers Listed in QuillnAros

New feather sets on the move! Check out  and you will see new stuff, both  naturally molted feathers from employees one through 4, and new cockatoo and African Grey marbled feather sets.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blue and Gold Macaws Recognize WHO They Own!

This is my bigbird Quill. In my previous blogging, I discussed my husband's relationship with our African Grey parrot, Sylvie. Now I will show you with just pictures and a few captions what Quill, the blue and gold macaw, thinks of my husband.
Ah Oh, is that Daddy approaching my cage?!!!!! HEAD FEATHERS UP!!!!!!!

SHARPEN BEAK!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

African Greys~They Recognize Their Own

One of the reasons I marble African Grey parrot feathers is because, by looking at these birds that are all gray, many people don't understand their vibrant neon personalities. Smart, mischievious, loyal, affectionate, Sylvie loves her daddy~even tho at the Rescue the sign on her cage said "hates men, loves women. It should have said "hates women, loves men" OOOOOps.! Here's the pics of Sylvie doin' her thang.

First she looks adorable so that daddy will bring her over to spend time with him on his lounge chair. Then she lulls him into complacency and checks out the territory to see what interesting things she can chew up. She steps on his face when she is sure he is dozing off and helps herself to the table where we keep the unread mail (of which at the moment there is none). When there is mail~I end up sending payments with chewed up envelopes. If there is a bird person who records payment receipts, I am sure they know that someone's bird chewed holes in the envelopes, no explanations needed! 

Birdie Quips~Braggin' Rights~What Do You Expect from a Proud Mama

Romeo is the cutest~He is a Wegler's Conure and naturally molts the beautiful green feathers I sell.

Yea, probably pet owners are a bit boring when they talk about their pets, and of course I include myself in that group, but isn't Romeo adorable?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advertising with The Hat Academy

I've been following The Hat Academy Blog~ It's a place for hat lovers (me, me, me) and milliners to meet, share, learn and best of all to absorb all the creativity of the milliner's world.

I lived in New York City for many years and I would and DID feel perfectly free to wear whatever. In fact when I moved to NYC (from the Midwest) I was shocked to find that there were many people that were my height (5' 7") and under. Not the over 6' corn fed sturdy big guys (there aint nothin' wrong with that don't get me wrong!) and best of all~it was anything goes when it came to personal style. That to me was a revelation.

When I look at all these creative masterpieces that the milliners' picture on The Hat Academy blog~~I sure do wish I still lived in a big city (well maybe 50% of the time!) Check out my advertisement on the Hat Academy Blog. I hope soon to have my marbled and natural feathers part of these glorious creations.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Creations Using the Marbled Feathers~Diverse!

Noogal Creations has been using my marbled feathers for a while and always updates me when she lists a new piece. I love her sense of color and combinations she uses for her feather earrings. Striking! She also has been embedding the marbled feathers in resin jewelry. What a beautiful medium to use with feathers!

                                         You can visit her shop on Etsy at

I am a member of the Hat Academy blog from Queensland Australia. This is a fabulous group of milliners~ beginners and experts~their blog is vibrant, interesting and everyone shows what they are doing, asks and answers whatever questions that may come up and most importantly they are interested in what everyone else is doing.  Elaine Mergard heads this lively group, gives lessons and interacts in all the discussions. If you ever need advice as to how to do something or find something or show what you've created, stop by at

Elaine Mergard, milliner and mentor extraordinaire, has been making hats since the 1960's~started teaching at the age of 20 and is still teaching at the Hat Academy and Queensland Museum and University of Southern Queensland at Toowoomba. One of the highlights of her successful career was being asked by Her Excellency Ms. Quentin Bryce, Governor of Queensland to make her hats while in office!

This is the hat that Elaine created and topped with my purple marbled cockatoo feathers. The feathers come alive in their new surroundings! Be sure to check out the blog at the Hat Academy. Beautiful hats to look at and purchase. And all sorts of great information.