Saturday, March 31, 2012

Step One to Start Marbling!

Wanted to show you all the different sizes of feathers I marble! The largest feather is a swan wing feather. This feather is 12" in length. What an awesome thing to be able to use. I have a friend who caretakes trumpeter swans and he collects the feathers when the birds naturally molt them. I only have a few!  The swan feathers exude majesty, elegance and a quiet loyalty. These larger swan and cockatoo feathers I will experiment with double sided marbling.

These are the different sizes of African Grey parrot feathers. I will try to marble both sides on the larger feathers. From large feathers for milliners, to small feathers for feather jewelry I also use some of the feathers of my African Grey~Sylvie. She is definitely smarter than I am, and she is single minded. Loves my husband, but knows where the food and yum-yums come from!

Of course, all feathers I use are naturally molted.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

15% Sale on all Feather Sets!

Use the coupon code SPRINGMARBLES to receive 15% off on all feather sets. You have to be signed on to my blog (if you already are, that's cool!). This does not apply to feather jewelry and/or feather notecards.
If you wish to purchase anything on sale and something off sale, please convo me first and I will figure it out.

I am preparing right now for what will probably be my last feather marbling session. It would be great to find a home for all the feather sets that are now in the shop.

I will announce on my blog when I will be listing the upcoming marbles~so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Creation from Eri L at ericosmicgirl on Etsy!

One of my favorite things is to show the originality and creativity of the artists who buy my marbled parrot feathers~Eri bought my holiday marbled cockatoo feathers and together with crystals, wire, color and her sense of joy, created this beautiful pair of earrings that are incredibly uplifting and beautiful to look at.

You can find these earrings and all of Eri's treasures in her Etsy store at