Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secret Obsessions of QuillnAros~

Well, I decided to share one of my secret obsessions.....When I lived in New York City, a little shoe store opened on Prince street (a hop, skip and a jump from where I was living). The name, John Fluevog, originated in Canada. Well I love funky shoes and these were FUNKY! But also little did I know that they would be my very own positive social media. For all the years that I did live in NYC,  whenever I took the subway (always) my Fluevogs were a conversation starter and also on the street strangers would first look at my shoes and travel up to my face and smile~I learned the valuable lesson that on the subway, and on the street, people look at your shoes first and then make a judgement. THE ARTS!  So I will show you one of my very first pairs of Fluevogs, 25 years old and I still am wearing them.

As you can tell, I am not a delicate person when it comes to love!
I revved up my charge card because I needed something to boost my spirits~and what could be better than a pair of Fluevogs on sale. Yep, I bought the 10th pair of my one of my secret obsessions~voila, my new Fluevog babies!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

3AM and All Is Quiet, Marblin' Mama Drags Her Tripod Outside

It was so beautiful outside last night that I decided to take a few pictures of our foot deep snowfall before civilization left a footprint~or many footprints.
corner garden

listening to the quiet 

The Day it Snowed and Snowed and Snowed

Wednesday heralded the start of winter. It started to snow and just kept going. The first assignment I give my big guy is that he has to fill the bird feeder which is right in front of the kitchen window. I noticed a mother cardinal that has a broken leg so I want her to be able to survive the winter with an easy food source.
feeding the birds

feeding the moose??

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color versus the Winter Landscape

It is finally snowing in the mid midwest. Only Febuary, we were wondering what the weather was going to be this winter. Weird weather.

My parrots are vibrant against the view out the window. I am packing up an order that has corals, cobalt blues, lavenders. I understand what color has to do with emotion. Color is seductive.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Continuation of Dark Secrets......

So having been given the ultimatum about restoration of my former print shop (and having hung my whip up for the time being) my husband seems to be producing empty boxes. I think the boxes were full........well and he's also bringing home boxes from the grocery store~this may be to confuse me! It aint hard to do that.

Notice that round foreign object on top of the wall console?! Well I am sitting watching TV and see this strange object on top of the 6 foot tall wall console. All of a sudden I realize that everytime I cleared a space, a mysterious object would appear to fill it. Clever move for a packrat.
So I went to the garage and took pictures of the empty boxes, feeling somewhat encouraged. I also decided that I probably need to drop everything and start packing things up on the third floor, hoping that my behaviour would be contagious! As he empties boxes, I will fill them and take them to the storage space
He won't acknowledge the storage space I rented and threatens to throw all his stuff out, can I jump up and down now? (one has to realize that there is a reason he didn't throw it out in the first place ????)  I bet it would upset him if one morning he finds the largest dumpster in the whole world in the driveway. It is always a dead giveaway, when your partner looks at the little garbage bin outside and calls it a dumpster.  So we are between a storage space and a hard place. I pulled out a drawer of my beautiful metal type and I thought, okay, soon!