Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marblin' Momma and the Great Outdoors

Armed with my hedge trimmer and motivated by woman power and the company of our moose, it is the fourth of 5 days for autumn garden cleanup. This year I am left to my own devices, my partner in crime has major back problems. I cut down some of my grasses and leave others for the birds. Food and shelter and a hiding place from the neighborhood cats. I trim bushes and and cover the roses. I cut down the giant marigolds and save the seeds for next year.

I feel like a samurai warrior~well not exactly, but the weather is beautiful and it is a welcome break from my beautiful marbled parrot feathers. Be sure to visit my feather store, the holidays are on the horizon~there are all sorts of ways to incorporate them into jewelry, millinery, headbands, haute couture' focal pieces, chic accessories. These marbled parrot feathers are one of a kind and only available here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Marblin' Momma is Re Organizing My Tiny Studio Balcony!

Welp there comes a time when you can't store things away because there ain't nowhere to store them!
So I am methodically eliminating the things that I haven't used in at least 10 years (oh brother, this is what happens when one get's aged).

In my studio, I have the walls covered with drawings, closet doors covered, easel in use (nope, the bathroom walls are lovingly painted with four blended colors and they are NAKED)

and if I decide to jump, I would land on a huge bird cage on the first floor (and probably scare the crap out of Quill) where there are actually three huge bird cages.

Okay, enough fantasy.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Employee Update~Sylvie the African Grey

I have 3 employees in my crew (well only one of us marbles feathers). This is Sylvie the African Grey in her goody box.  Right now she is working on a roll of toilet paper that I have rejected for myself. It is so thin that when you wipe your tush you end up with only your hand. When I complained to my husband, he suggested that we add this bargain failure to Sylvie's goody box.

I make up a goody box for Sylvie and she chews everything down to a pile of paper every couple days or so.  This is to sharpen her foraging skills which are very important for many of the parrot species. It keeps them from becoming bored~which is even more important than sharpening her foraging skills!

I place all sorts of chewable popsickle sticks, loofah, pinecones, chew toys, in brown paper bags, egg cartons, little boxes and Sylvie loves her goody box! She even demolishes the box itself. The toy in the corner is how she commands my husband's attention. It is a BRAINY BABY toy and she punches the buttons and uses the gear shift to make the noises instead of using speech (thank god she doesn't speak) She reminds me of Harpo Marx except she doesn't play the harp!