Monday, March 28, 2011

New Idea~New Combination

A friend (artisticrenderings to be exact)  suggested that combining regular parrot feathers with the marbled parrot feathers might be interesting. I thought GOOD IDEA!  I do have a lot of parrot feathers, I guess because I have a lot of parrots~ and for me it would be more fun to match up mates than to just count out a certain number and sell them in a plastic bag.

Does anyone but me ask why the big creator in the sky made these birds those colors? I am sure all you artists out there can come up with your own logical (or illogical) explanation. Yeah, yeah I know all about the males are suppose to be gorgeous for their mating dance etc. but how do you explain in many species, the girls look like the boys? Equality?

Well hope you like my color combos~I am a colorist and I love creating all those sexy, outrageous, beautiful and unusual color combinations, that is just one thing that makes my world!
The feathers pictured above are at my etsy site:       Til the morrow.

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