Friday, April 1, 2011

I always wonder~as you look at this pairing of marbled and natural feathers~ why o why are scarlett macaws these stunning colors? Actually I think I figured it out. It reflects their somewhat cranky spur of the moment ~ bite now and ask questions later hot hot personality! Her mommy even gets nailed once in a while!  When I babysit for this particular macaw I know immediately that I am her challenge of the day. AND her name is Rio-perfect~ except she doesn't have a bikini wax and she doesn't need a thong so she can show off her perfect butt!  

I will ask her mommy for a picture of her.  Right now you can see just her feathers. Can you imagine an animal that wears something so beautiful and she renews it every year? I am amazed. (I really wish I could afford to renew my wardrobe every year!) So I present my original and beautiful marbled feathers that are comparable to Rio's incredibly natural beautiful feathers.

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