Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Natural Parrot Feathers=Beautiful Feather Earrings

Today I am a little behind showing the beautiful things other artists are doing with their feathers!
We have had so many storms, floods, heatwaves and in particular power failures, that my computer's brains are a bit scrambled (from the power failures)  and my brains have been scrambled from the heat! I have been looking for the most recent pictures you guys have sent me. If you receive a communication from me asking you to resend pics of your beautiful creations~well blame it on the weather or a senior moment! 

These lovely earrings were created from the natural parrot feathers I sell. Very feminine, very sensuous and a lovely earring to wear. You can see other feather earring creations by, she has a feather jewelry store and would love for you guys to visit!

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