Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marbling Handmade Paper~Girls Gotta Have Fun!

Anyone who has bought feathers from me knows I love to wrap them with my handmade paper. I was digging thru my papers and I found some rejects from 15 years ago. Rejects? I was experimenting with gelatin sizing because I wanted to be able to write with ink on my papers. What happened was that I didn't dilute the gelatin enough and the back side of the papers ended up looking like wax paper with a crinkling sound (love the sound of the paper!)

Needed to take a couple days break from the feathers, so I decided to marble the paper so I can use it as wrapping paper.

It turned out to be alot of fun~I ended up with beautiful marbled paper and it STILL crinkles. And I have a new supply of paper to wrap the marbled feathers in!

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