Saturday, March 31, 2012

Step One to Start Marbling!

Wanted to show you all the different sizes of feathers I marble! The largest feather is a swan wing feather. This feather is 12" in length. What an awesome thing to be able to use. I have a friend who caretakes trumpeter swans and he collects the feathers when the birds naturally molt them. I only have a few!  The swan feathers exude majesty, elegance and a quiet loyalty. These larger swan and cockatoo feathers I will experiment with double sided marbling.

These are the different sizes of African Grey parrot feathers. I will try to marble both sides on the larger feathers. From large feathers for milliners, to small feathers for feather jewelry I also use some of the feathers of my African Grey~Sylvie. She is definitely smarter than I am, and she is single minded. Loves my husband, but knows where the food and yum-yums come from!

Of course, all feathers I use are naturally molted.

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  1. Hi there!! i need some feathers! Please contact me asap! I bought from you before and desperately need some more. Please let me know what you have available and how to get them:) Thanks
    they are the small white ones:)