Friday, August 10, 2012

Contributor of those plain gray feathers

But NOT a plain gray personality! The fact that African Grey parrot's personality does not match the color of their feathers was my inspiration for marbling them. So many bird owners make the visual beauty of the bird a top reason to what to adopt or buy~and then learn personality and idiosyncracies later.

I adopted Sylvie from a shelter I used to volunteer at. She had a big sign on her cage "HATES MEN!!!"
(yep that is my husband, a non bird person).

I can pick Sylvie up as long as Wayne is not in the vicinity, but believe me it takes courage....Now what I learned is that when a bird bites you and is hanging off your finger, you are not suppose to say a word or throw the bird across the room because you don't want to reinforce negative behaviour.

When Sylvie drops a feather, I do add it to my pile just to make her feel included~but the African Grey feathers that I marble are purchased from reliable owners whose birds are members of their family. I laid the cockatoo feathers to one side for now and am going to start marbling African Grey feathers.

I marble with metallic and luminescent paints. The feathers are gorgeous and completely different feeling from the cockatoo. This is a pair of earrings I have at , which will be a unique shopping experience.

Oh, remember the observation I made that Romeo (the Wegler's Conure) is afraid of blue nail polish? Well, I just found out he's afraid of silver nail polish too..........

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