Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marblin' Momma and the Great Outdoors

Armed with my hedge trimmer and motivated by woman power and the company of our moose, it is the fourth of 5 days for autumn garden cleanup. This year I am left to my own devices, my partner in crime has major back problems. I cut down some of my grasses and leave others for the birds. Food and shelter and a hiding place from the neighborhood cats. I trim bushes and and cover the roses. I cut down the giant marigolds and save the seeds for next year.

I feel like a samurai warrior~well not exactly, but the weather is beautiful and it is a welcome break from my beautiful marbled parrot feathers. Be sure to visit my feather store, the holidays are on the horizon~there are all sorts of ways to incorporate them into jewelry, millinery, headbands, haute couture' focal pieces, chic accessories. These marbled parrot feathers are one of a kind and only available here.

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