Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parrot Feathers

I listed regular parrot feathers today-well along with my marbled parrot feathers.  Of course when I look at  cockatoo crest feathers I remember the first time I saw a cockatoo close up.

I started volunteering at a parrot rescue- and basically it was almost all cockatoos. The lessor sulphur crested cockatoo is very fast and honest to god, they can chase you down! I didn't realize that not all cockatoos are like the one in Baretta (and neither did all those people who went out and bought cockatoos because of that show). So of course, being completely ignorant~ I thought they were cuddly and affectionate. OMG!

 Thinking this, Fred- the terodactyl cockatoo- repelled off his cage (with no cleats) while I was cleaning the 60 other cages with some incredibly dedicated volunteers, and SPRUNG LIKE A POGO STICK toward my feet, and I thought-that's the cutest thing~ Fred must be wanting some be continued.....

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