Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brand New ! Hot Spring Colors-Handmade Japanese Paper

I truly thought I was defeated this time. I spent two days marbling with no success. Usually it is just one day and then everything clicks. I was really excited because I had a boat load (my nose just grew) of new colors to use. What I kind of forgot was that each color reacts differently depending on temp, humidity, distilled water or not, etc. Fortunately (or not) the third day I refused to go to bed until I had just one feather success.
FINALLY! But I was taken down two notches and realized that art is something that moves and teaches us and I have to move with it and learn.

I will be including my Japanese hand made paper (it is gorgeous) that I have been hoarding for years. Also to anyone who is interested~I will explain the difference between Japanese and Western paper. This summer I will make paper once again. It is a Zen Sport.

I have my paper at   and I will be listing the handmade paper on

These are textural with very long fiber (the inner bark of the mulberry tree~all the strands you see in the paper are dyed separately.

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