Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Session

Today I set up for feather and paper marbling in my studio.  THE KITCHEN. I wanted to take pictures of every step, well almost every step so all you creative beings out there~ you creative beings who use feathers for your art~ have an idea of what marbling feathers is all about. I am really excited about all the new colors I ordered and received. This time I am using a larger "vat" because I want to marble paper at the same time. I am finding that it is extremely different using a larger vat~I don't feel like I have as much control. I may decide to work from 2 vats, one for paper and one for feathers. Using the larger vat~well this is only the first day but~I feel a loss of control.

What happens initially is that I start with certain colors and I build from there. I never like the first color schemes I come up with. I always feel the colors are washed out or not built up enough. For me marbling is a built like a painting. I add color and add color and "push around a pattern"-then I determine whether I want to test that color scheme with paper or use a feather. Feathers are precious-meaning I never feel like I have enough. I try to build my collection by buying here and there, but there is always a concern that I never have enough.

Of course paper is different. I have a lot of my handmade Western paper from years before. It is a lovely canvas for experimentation and I am grateful that I saved everything I didn't use from the freelance job I made it for (the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC-sometime I will describe what I did for them.)

The kitchen will be out of commision for quite some time.With the technique I use, I have to cover the floor tiles with a drop cloth.

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