Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moody Blues and an Eggbound Blue and Gold Macaw

My  beautiful Blue and Gold (Quill) for the second time in 15 years became eggbound and to make a long  story short, she spent five days at the vet hospital in hopes of laying that egg (she is at least 40 and that is way too old) and surgery is not the way to go. I spent 5 days driving a three hour round trip to see her and spending two hours with her evey day so she didn't feel that mommy abandoned her. My wonderful avian vet was able to collapse the egg and not do any surgery. He did the same thing 15 years ago-it is tricky~but he is a wonderful bird vet, I am lucky. So my ole girl, who should be thru her nesting practices will be here another 50 years!(or at least another decade!)

My new endeavor is called the Moody Blues (and yes that tells how old I am) sooooooo here goes

I was doing some research and I discovered another brand of marbling paints. I ordered their starter kit.
So much of marbling is serendipity. The weather, the water, how well you mix the size, what you mix it with.
It can be completely frustrating~ but I have done platinum printing and Japanese papermaking and it is the same thing. Very dependant upon conditions, weather or otherwise!  Why? I know the personalities of the African Grey Parrot and the Cockatoo.  They are not just "white and gray". They are incredible parrots, that deserve to have their personalities displayed in color. NOT WORDS.......

In Color!

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  1. Glad your blue and gold is doing better! Poor girl.