Sunday, May 8, 2011

New! New! New! Soft Summer Colors for Marbled Feathers

Actually I had decided to start collecting my "gear" for Japanese Papermaking and for the time being packing my marble paints away BUT I discovered a new brand of paints and  wanted to just test them  before doing that. I ordered a small kit of 6 colors and figured okay, I will see what happens, limited color palatte~ short run. Well, I really had fun! I ended up creating a beautiful summer color scheme and discovered that my experiment with another brand of paints was DIFFERENT....Both are very painterly...I have a gazillion colors in the first brand, only 6 in the second. I wasn't able to do the African Grey feathers-no shimmers! and I gotta have my shimmers for those. I will show you my experiments!

So, I will slowly being listing about 40 new sets. I really should have taken a picture of the kitchen when I was doing this. I have to laugh. I was watching u-tube demo's of different artists who marble and honestly ALL of them start out with pristine white counters, pristine colors jars, fabulously organized everything and magic! all of them end up that way~ while creating beautiful things mind you. I AM SUCH A SLOB!  Well, but also my kitchen is straight out of the 70's! That does help us SLOBS!

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