Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden, Garage Sale, and Lots of New Marbled Parrot Feathers

Every Spring, the garden is number one for a while. So many years ago I planted just perennials because I thought that each year the maintenance of the garden would be less and less. WHAT?? I thought this idea was logical at the time!

Well so many years have passed and now those perennials have grown into three gardens in the space for one. The best laid plans.......

So Spring is about weeding, cutting down grasses, using Preen which really does not control weeds, moving plants from one place to the other,
because I had no idea that perennials multiply big time. I think I have supplied friends and neighbors with all sorts of interesting plants!

This aint the whole thing, but just
a small sampling. I think I had a romantic idea of using much of my plant matter for my Japanese papermaking. Well, I do have alot of plant matter, but have not had a time slot for my Japanese paper~making!

In the meantime, I have again become excited about my next parrot feather marbling session. I have been preparing lots of feathers of all sizes~for me the fun part is experimenting and creating new and exciting things~like double sided feathers and beautiful metallics. I am always stunned by the materials at my fingertips that nature provides
and how incredibly magical they are. TO BE continued...........

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