Friday, June 22, 2012

Marbled Paper~Last of the Stash!

When I  marble my parrot feathers, I marble my handmade paper alongside. A lot of times I use my paper to "clear" the vat so that I can go on to another color combination. I love using my handmade marbled paper as wrapping paper for the feathers. I think when you receive both marbled paper and marbled parrot feathers, you can sense that these items are special in many ways.

I found an excellent and succinct definition explaining the art of marbling. They are not my words, because I am definitely long winded (and possibly I ramble!)

"The art of marbling is floating paints on a thickened base, patterning a design and making a contact print~all designs are one of kind."

I am showing you my last two precious sheets of hand marbled paper~wait until you see the next chapter!

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