Monday, September 3, 2012

Marbled Feathers~Bag and Tag

Marbling session closing for a while. Now I have to bag and tag, photograph and edit photographs, add listings to the Store. This should keep me busy until the next Spring. This is the hard part~actually though when I think about all the steps there are a few that are hard and tedious. I had the privilege of working with naturally molted swan feathers.  I was surprised to realize that though the swan has a different lifestyle than the cockatoo, the swan's feathers have a few different characteristics because they live and survive in the wild. The bottom line is that that I think all these feathers are magical.
These feathers are 12" to 13"  long. I have a few left and I decided to leave them au naturale for a while.
And here is a preview of the different color groups~there is something for everyone! If you see something you are interested in ask me~it will take some time to list all these feathers. You can find me at

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