Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Romeo is in the Catbird Seat! Marblin' Momma is at the other End...

This is Romeo's usual place~between my hard drive and keyboard, (well he is sort of on my keyboard). The rest of the day when I am working on the computer, he is in his "la cave" holding his plastic hanging link toy across the back of his wings with one of the rungs of his chain held tight with his foot. He then watches "Say yes to the Dress" and when that is not on he watches Beverly Hills Housewives. He loves their long hair and I am sure he wishes he could hide underneath. 

Me, I just look at "pictures"! I have the sound turned low because in my "elderly!" years, I cannot concentrate on two things at once. And I am still slow at listing and photographing items in my vintage and feather store!

We wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I travel (15 minutes) to my sister's house and spend dinner with my family and my mate goes to his family. Works well! I am responsible for a huge butter lettuce salad with lots of other veggies and this year Wayne is excused from carving at his dinner. The 4 or 5 different birds (I do threaten my 4 parrots with Thankgiving if they are giving me a hard time!) will be carved by another family member that has a stronger back~and I am sure next year Wayne will be back in position.

I know holidays can be tough and I have been thru some really tough ones. My feeling is that as long as you have your health (mental AND physical) you can get through it and hope the next holiday is easier.

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