Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Logistics of a Natural Molt~Marblin' Momma's Observation

Recently I realized that many people don't know how  "logically"  parrots molt their feathers. Why? Well, before I acquired my first parrrot~I had no idea that certain sections of the bird molts and it goes from side to side, especially wing and tail feathers. It is interesting because it has to do with survival.
The big bird of ebigbird
For instance wing feathers (same for parrots and wild birds) Quill will molt one feather from one wing and then in a few days she will molt one feather from the opposite wing. This is because the birds can still fly and have control over their flight. Same with tail feathers. The tail of the bird acts like a rudder. It takes some time to molt tail feathers, but the molt is still one at a time, from side to side. If a predator catches a bird by the tail, most birds can release all their tail feathers to escape. Check out all my naturally molted feathers, from my Nandy conure to Sylvie the African Grey~from Quill to Coco to Romeo. My marbled feathers are unique and beautiful and I also sell sets of natural and marbled feathers.  All my birds have had tests up to the wazooo, all healthy companion birds. I don't bring domestic feathers into the household.

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