Tuesday, December 25, 2012

African Greys~They Recognize Their Own

One of the reasons I marble African Grey parrot feathers is because, by looking at these birds that are all gray, many people don't understand their vibrant neon personalities. Smart, mischievious, loyal, affectionate, Sylvie loves her daddy~even tho at the Rescue the sign on her cage said "hates men, loves women. It should have said "hates women, loves men" OOOOOps.! Here's the pics of Sylvie doin' her thang.

First she looks adorable so that daddy will bring her over to spend time with him on his lounge chair. Then she lulls him into complacency and checks out the territory to see what interesting things she can chew up. She steps on his face when she is sure he is dozing off and helps herself to the table where we keep the unread mail (of which at the moment there is none). When there is mail~I end up sending payments with chewed up envelopes. If there is a bird person who records payment receipts, I am sure they know that someone's bird chewed holes in the envelopes, no explanations needed! 

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