Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advertising with The Hat Academy

I've been following The Hat Academy Blog~ It's a place for hat lovers (me, me, me) and milliners to meet, share, learn and best of all to absorb all the creativity of the milliner's world.

I lived in New York City for many years and I would and DID feel perfectly free to wear whatever. In fact when I moved to NYC (from the Midwest) I was shocked to find that there were many people that were my height (5' 7") and under. Not the over 6' corn fed sturdy big guys (there aint nothin' wrong with that don't get me wrong!) and best of all~it was anything goes when it came to personal style. That to me was a revelation.

When I look at all these creative masterpieces that the milliners' picture on The Hat Academy blog~~I sure do wish I still lived in a big city (well maybe 50% of the time!) Check out my advertisement on the Hat Academy Blog. I hope soon to have my marbled and natural feathers part of these glorious creations.
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