Friday, April 26, 2013

Hand Marbling, Japanese & Western Papermaking, Letterpress, and QuillnAros

Along with reclaiming my print shop, I am hoping to go back to my original love~papermaking and setting metal type. Setting type came first in my pursuit of the 2-dimensional art that to me is actually like creating sculpture. Setting metal type and using typography to illustrate a meaning sent me on the quest for a piece of paper that would be part of the interpretation. That started my papermaking adventures. From there I went on to Japanese bookbinding, creating doublesided stationary, collecting one drawer at a time of metal type (going to auctions on Printers Row when I lived in Manhattan), gearing my gardening adventures toward my papermaking, marbling feathers, marbling paper. The photos I am showing are my Japanese papermaking. This is a slight detour from my marbled feathers.
each sheet is 13-1/2" x 9" with matching envelopes. This is a combination
of Western and Japanese papermaking
my Japanese paper has incredible texture created by the Kozo fiber I use
I then incorporate the Western papermaking technique for the
other side of the stationary and I size it so that  the portion
you write on is stable for pen and ink.
In this picture you can see the double sided stationary, the matching
envelope is made out of cotton with Western papermaking technique.

 The texture of the Japanese paper is enhanced by the Western paper.
The cool thing is that it is now one sheet of paper, with the ochre side being the
side you can write on.

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