Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Plant Only a Mother Could Love!

Every fall I would bring this plant in for the winter and the only impressive part of it would be the bulbous trunk. I would then cut the top off and hope that it would grow an attractive leaf cluster.

Last year I transplanted it to a bigger pot and was surprised when it showed how happy it was by enthusiastically growing a few more leaves! Then this spring it started growing a sort of scarey looking blossum like "thing" at the top, so I decided to wait and see.  IT BLOOMED!

I collect pachypodium, bombax, and euphorbia (big bottomed weird looking plants and I discovered that this one is called the "shaving brush tree" and grows in arid climates, like Madagascar. It probably would have bloomed 15 years earlier if I would not have kept "trimming" it.

My hacking gene is directly associated with my mom's side of the family (yea, don't ask!). But here is a lovely picture of the tree which actually grows to tree size when it has boundless space around it.

One more adventure in my pursuit of ugly plants that are beautiful

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