Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is it Really Waterproof???

Grabbed my permanent magic marker and took the time to label all my pots. What plant, what height, what color, just what's what. Along with having a perennial garden, I love planting seeds in the 30 large large pots I mingle in different areas of the garden. And it's alot cheaper than buying young plants.

First day. I feel like an organized person who has a firm grip on knowing what every seedling will be, what color, what height, and plainly~just what!  And then it rains. I guess permanent magic markers should have an expiration date. I am hoping that this plant is not a weed!

Also, playing russian roulette with weeds that disguise themselves as your seedlings (or your next door neighbor, or even your husband), I decided to wait until a recognizable flower was produced.

The accidental gardener.....

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  1. xoE, Well, I sure have experienced not knowing what a plant was until later. "Weeds" are crafty and use wily tactics. I remember one very hardy, tall one that I watered along with the real vegetables and was embarrassed by another gardner who pointed out that it was a weed. The funny thing was that she had been growing one that looked exactly the same to me in her own garden. It's an adventure. As they say, "More will be revealed."
    P.S. I don't know what profile I'm supposed to choose. I don't use these social networks, so I chose anonymous.