Monday, July 15, 2013

Marblin' Momma's Corner Garden

I have been concentrating my energies in the garden for the last few months. I usually focus on physical labor when I have decisions to make or am doing unnecessary mental acrobatics and obsessing about stuff that should be kicked to the curb (so to speak) So I will show you why I planted an elaborate garden in the first place. Beauty aside, I wanted to plant greenery so I could use it in my papermaking endeavors and originally I did do that. I started making paper because of my printing press and all that beautiful metal type. As Hubby uncovers my print shop in the garage, I will then start making paper once again, and will return to where I started (if I can remember!!)

Japanese paper with seeds, long fiber

Western paper, cotton, with boiled and dyed zinnia petals
  • I cooked the petals of zinnias, marigolds, any interesting seeds for just a few minutes. Then, I used fiber dyes to put color back into the petals and seeds. There is variation on what absorbs the dye and how. The Japanese paper has tons of color, long fiber floating through it and texture, while the western paper is smooth cotton fiber and has lots of zinnia petals.


  1. E
    So, you did make the paper you sent with my last batch of feathers. It's very interesting with the textures and colors. I like its light shimmer. I'll use it along with the beautiful ribbon you tied around the package. Thank you for it. C

  2. E,
    Check out, the website of a wonderful paper store in Santa Monica, CA. they carry primarily Japanese paper, washi and bookbinding supplies. This is just a great store.