Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Corner Garden~Mind of Its Own

This year, the weather has been different (from last year and the year before). Very cool nights, somewhat cool days, lots of rain, infestations of different types of worms, bugs~now I spied a few japanese beetles. I am out there with my machete, bug begone, and mosquito netting! The pictures will give you an idea, the difference between one month ago and now. It looks as if most of the flowers are going to bloom at once, rather than take their turns as in years past.
More green than flounce

How did I end up with almost all yellow zinnias in my pots? I think it is likely
that our grazing nocturnal animals ate all the coral ones

a touch of pink

The corner garden is now dark and mysterious

I use the petals of zinnias as an addition to my handmade paper

You may think this is kudzu. Almost. It is a trumpet vine that I hack all
the way down every year because it hasn't bloomed and now
after 7 years, it is going to produce hopefully more than one flower.

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