Thursday, July 12, 2012

Double Sided Hand Marbled Feathers

Well, it took me alittle while to figure this out. My first idea didn't work because I didn't realize that the back of the feather is so different than the front of the feather. I know, especially the milliners would like double sided feathers, so I called upon my zen and finally was successful in marbling the feather on both sides.

What I am showing you is the first set of double sided feathers~

now I will show you what I will be doing for the next, probably, month and a half. What you are looking at is my vat that has the sizing that is used for marbling paper. I use different kinds of sizings.  I have "laid" the paint on top of the sizing and made a pattern. Then I lay the feather on top of the color and voila'.
and that is the end for today. Everyone who wishes double side feathers, let me know. Large, medium size are possible!                                                                                  

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