Monday, July 2, 2012

Marbled Parrot Feathers~Experimenting with Control

Interesting day today with marbling my parrot feathers. I discovered that I can have some say in the results!
Also I discovered that I do have control of the colors. When you do something over and over, that's when you can try different ideas which will dictate the outcome.

The piece of marbled paper you see is done on my handmade western paper~cotton rag. First I worked with setting metal type, then I started making Japanese paper and Western paper~and now I have taught myself to marble "things". For this handmade rag paper, I used a paper mould with laid lines that were from the 1800's, something Thomas Jefferson would have had available for writing paper. In some other installment, I will explain what I did for the Monticello musems, the Jamestown museums and also the Holocaust Musem in Washington, DC.  To make a long story short right now, I have alot of cotton rag paper left over to play with (plus I have a Vandercook SP-15 proof press with 6,000lbs of metal type. That is a different story for some other day.)

Preview what I have done today! Remember, if you have any suggestions for color schemes, convo me in my store at  Also keep checking back~I will be listing sets of feathers~all different sizes, each day.

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