Sunday, July 15, 2012

For a Moment, I was Bat Entertainment

3:00 AM I couldn't sleep~of course nothing to do with all the chigger bites I acquired around both ankles.
I was sitting on the back porch and I saw something swooping and swirling around the street lamp. I do know that we have alot of bats in the area, but incredibly I have never seen them by my house. When I first moved into that house, I was minutes away from installing a bat house, but then I thought about bat crap
(guana!) and I decided to not to provide accomodations for a multi bat family

As I watched, this little guy was obviously bouncing his radar off my head and (I didn't know it) calling his buds. Another bat appeared and another and another. In a matter of 6 minutes, I had 15 little bats in front of me swooping, and I suppose whooping~ a funny and startling experience.

The next night at 1:00 AM I took my seat in the arena and low and behold......... NO BATS!


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