Saturday, March 9, 2013

Marblin' Mamma is told that MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!

Ready, set, go!!!!! Brand new machine~snowblower, 6 forward speeds and
guess what~2 backward speeds!!!!!!!

And the last time I saw him, the snowblower was dragging him down Lake Shore Drive
(in reverse!)
The snow blower we have had for 8 years finally gave up the ghost. Yep, we are a little long in the tooth to have snowblower races so hubby went out and bought a new fancy dual something and I swear he bonded with every guy in Home Depot who were on the same mission. Last 4 snowblowers in the place and now, I guess, new guy friends who, if they ever run into each other again, can compare notes about their new toys!

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