Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Little Hand Marbled Feathers~Oops~They are coming!

With Spring arriving soon, I had made the decision to move on to immediate "creative emergencies".
My Print Shop, my wonderful print shop is definitely an emergency for me.  I feel that if I don't have access to it this spring, it will never be. It was set up to be a working print~letterpress shop. And is still set up to be a working print shop, under 6 tons of crap!

I did learn a valuable relationship lesson from this. Don't EVER grant your territory to your partner just to be accomodating and sweet~mainly because you will need a General MacArthur to take it back.

Three years ago I found Japanese papermaking fiber that was already cooked and beaten, which was so exciting because I always cooked and beat my own and it's very hard work. I bought kozo and mitsumata thinking I would be using it that summer. When I realized I couldn't fit it in my schedule at that time, I stored it in the freezer. Well after three years, I think maybe we probably ate it by accident. This may be a comment on my cooking abilities!

To make a long story longer I started sorting the marbled feathers I have left so I could photograph edit and list. Surprise, it is all the little guys (some big guys) mostly the African Grey where I used metallics paints. They are really gorgeous, perfect for small feather projects, especially perfect for earrings and feather jewelry, and I fell in love all over again. The small feathers are the hardest to marble because they are small. Stay tuned and stop in often in the month coming up. I am going to package two pairs each and I have to say they are little jewels~all of them.

These are the African Grey parrot feathers and will be sold in pairs of two

A pair of white cockatoo feathers marbled with fab colors
with two matching natural cockatoo headfeathers

Two pairs of African Grey Feathers

Marbled African Grey feathers with Romeo's naturally molted feather

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