Wednesday, October 23, 2013

QuillnAros and Sylvie the African Grey Parrot Expressing Her Opinions

This is employee #3, Sylvie the African Grey. She is a rescued bird, probably over 40 years old (I can't tell how old she actually is because she doesn't have teeth~but she does have a sharp beak). She keeps her opinions to herself, but I can almost see what she is thinking, probably because my mind works the same way. Sylvie has a phone book near her main perch.  She can hide behind this, or tear the pages whatever. Every time I bend over to change her floor papers, she stands above me and drops spit balls on my head. I can imagine her mischievous nature, and exactly what she thinks of me
This is Sylvie looking innocent

This is Sylvie looking guilty~yep it is the same photo

These are the spit wads that missed!

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