Thursday, November 7, 2013

Paper Marbling Technique Used on Parrot Feathers

Marbling feathers came first.  Marbling paper came second. I first figured out how to marble cockatoo and African Grey parrot feathers and then I decided to use my extra sheets of Western handmade paper to clear the tray, and go on to the next choice of color. Big surprise though, I also love marbling paper. The fun part is that I also enjoy using it as wrapping paper when I send out my feathers.
Paper Marbling Technique Used on Parrot Feathers
I have been making paper for many years, Japanese and Western. The difference is that one is made with a flexible "su" and the other is made with a rigid mould. In the next few months I will have access to my printing press and I shall be creating, with my antique typefaces, wood type, just gorgeous gorgeous cards and such. Illustrating with letterpress and typography is my very first love. I meticulously went to "going out of business" auctions on Printer's Row in Manhattan. Sometimes it would be one drawer of type, sometimes three drawers of type, and that is where I bought my Vandercook Proof Press (I couldn't fit that purchase in a cab) for $225.00.

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  1. xoE,
    The teacher in my collage/assemblage class gave a very brief demonstration of marbling paper one night and I was intrigued. I've always loved it and, as you know, I save every single bit of it that you send with your gorgeous marbled feathers. These feathers can become an addiction. The more you have, the more you want. There are subtle differences in some and there are spring, summer, fall and winter ones. It's infinite. I love your work. As I said, I think yours are amongst the most creative and unique art on Etsy. I've started pinning these on my Pinterest board to spread the word. xoC