Monday, November 4, 2013

The Drawing Balcony of QuillnAros~Owls Happen, Raptors Happen, Bats Happen

My second floor studio is actually what I call a shelf, others may think it should be called a loft~ (hay!)  and if you ever feel like jumping you will land on top of a giant bird cage on the first floor and probably get your ass bit by a Blue and Gold macaw.

Recently I had a window replaced and now I can see the backyard garden.  More light available! This is a very small area where I have bookcases with all my "how-to"or "IDIOT, do it this way!" books, my plant books, raptor books, bat books and on the railing all my cactus and other plants that most people don't want to be in the same vicinity with.  It is a magical little place where there is room for my pedestal table, bentwood bar stool, my 70's swing chair and all my drawing and painting utensils.

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  1. Ely, this is a wonderful space. I would give my eye teeth for such a one. Your furniture is great too. Are any of your employees allowed up there, or just in your sleeve? Thank you for sharing. I love to see studios, workrooms, jeweler's benches, etc. But I do have the kitchen table and Barnsdall Art Center. I'm working on expansion. Peas & love, xoC