Saturday, November 16, 2013

QuillnAros~Japanese and Western Handmade Paper~Two Philosophies, One Epiphany

You are looking at a collaboration between two very different personalities, me and my hubby.
I love this piece because of what I learned by having him participate in a craft I had been doing for years. By making paper with him, I realized that everyone has a different perception about beauty and the end result. I remember chiding my husband that his sheet of paper was a piece of crap (of course I didn't use those words exactly) and he needed to practice. In the end~even though he was a beginner at making paper~the piece of Japanese paper he connected to my piece of Western paper was a reflection of his idea of beauty~different than mine obviously. I learned an important lesson. There are many ways to create~but an important element to my originality is experimentation, acceptance of someone elses' perceptions and keeping an open mind when what you are doing travels to left field. I learned that left field can be a fascinating alternative to a well traveled route.
The yellow ochre sheet is the Western paper, there are two sheets of  Japanese
paper couched on top of the Western paper. Not only the melding of very different personalities, but
also the melding of different perceptions of beauty  

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