Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Secrets of a Marblin' Momma

I debated delving into this subject, because this year became the year that my phoenix is out of it's Pandora's box. When I moved into this house, it was me, the birds and my print shop in the attached garage. My print shop consisted of a Vandercook SP-15 proof press, 6,000 lbs of antique and modern metal type (letterpress), all the wood furniture and lead spacers and everything one would need to print all sorts of beautiful and lovely things. Printing with metal type was the reason I learned to make Japanese and Western handmade paper. This story will probably stretch over the next couple of days, I don't want to bore anyone with a long dissertation! The reason I am talking about it is that I feel like there are many artists who create their work in corners and basements and whatever spaces are left over from daily family life. I have pictures that I took and happily there will be an AFTER to my I think this is an incentive for me to restore my space. Unfortunately I never thought to take before pictures when my print shop was perfect. So I guess you could say I am starting backwards. What you are looking at is the garage and type shop now.
(let me say, after being buried by my husband stuff when he moved in~he is now HAPPILY with the program, besides the bull whip I have behind my back.

See that blue tarp? That is my printing press. More to come.....

This is one of 3 type cases (yes filled with type!)

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