Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Blog Bogs.....Tryin' to Solve My Bloggin' Blues

It seems like at least once a week my computer does something, it seems all on its own, to sharpen my somewhat weak computer non skills. VERY FRUSTRATING. Though I should be proud of myself for defeating what my computer does to me~I just feel exhausted and behind schedule. So for entertainment and to think my way out of whatever I am trying to solve~I take employee #1 out of her penthouse apartment and ask for advice (it is always, give me kisses and everything will be okay, yes she is an optimist!)
SO.......Today I start listing vintage destash, silk ties, vintage fabrics and other goodies along with my hand marbled feathers at, I think it will be a good combination. We shall see, so here is a preview of what I am listing today.
vintage keys, skeleton and otherwise!

Mesh bronze roses from the 80's NYC

Hand Marbled African Grey Parrot Feathers, Permanent Waterproof Metallic Paints

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